2020 AAMHS Keynote Speakers

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Dr. Rajiv Tandon

Mental Health and Mental Illness: Deadly Misconceptions

Kevin Fischer

Toxic Masculinity: Facing Our Feelings


2020 AAMHS Workshop Presenters

Dr. Cheryl Dickson

Understanding Historical Roots of Trauma and Health Outcomes

Tasha Turner-Freeman

The Rose that Blooms in Concrete: Trauma and It's Impact

Dr. Bernice Patterson

He's Not Threatened: You Can Have Jesus and a Therapist Too

Dr. Carla Adkison-Johnson

Criminality vs. Intentionality

Elishae Johnson

Here, too? How Micro-aggressions Destroy Safety in the Therapeutic Environment

Shoni Newhouse

It's a Big Deal!: My Black Hair


Danielle Smith

School is Killing Me: School Induced Anxiety/Depression

Stacy Leadbetter

Criminalization of my Blackness: Systemic Racism and It's Impact on Mental Health