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Here, too? How Micro-aggressions Destroy Safety in the Therapeutic Environment,

Multiculturalism and providing equitable outcomes have become a standard in psychotherapy education and practice. Mental health students and practitioners are well versed in understanding and recognizing the destructive impact overt racism and explicit bias has on therapeutic outcomes. Whereas subtler forms of discriminatory behaviors--derogatory, abusive, hostile, and indirect slights, or microaggressions, are minimized. This session will illustrate how microaggressions show up in therapy, targeted at both African American clients and therapists, and the damaging impact it has on the therapeutic relationship, recognized as the most important variable for counseling to be effective. Participants will leave the session beyond understanding what microaggressions are, but to also understand how to prevent, avoid, and repair in the therapeutic setting.

Elishae Johnson

System Director Business Health Services, Bronson Battle Creek/ Owner,
Eudemonia, PLLC